• BlueCloud Consultants
    "Your partner in global business development"

    Delivering results-oriented cost-effective marketing and business development
    solutions to help small businesses maximise revenue, generate growth and
    develop a sustainable competitive edge in both domestic and international markets.
  • Business Growth
    We help you devise a successful step by step growth strategy -
    Analyse your business to identify new opportunities and measure growth
    by looking at key statistics leading to better intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence
    We can help you find correct tools, systems and software that play
    a key role in the strategic planning and better decision making
    leading to business success.
  • Business Success
    The key to success in business today is to have flexibility,
    good planning,build a top notch team and ensure customer retention.
    Build a rock solid reputation.

Our Services - BlueCloud Consultants

BlueCloud Consultants provides the resources businesses require to develop unique solutions
targeted at achieving success and reaching your goals.

Why BlueCloud

BlueCloud Consultants have years of experience understanding business. Our team has the expertise to provide solutions to the specific challenges and situations facing businesses today and provide a "short-cut" to know-how, knowledge and information that does not exist within your organisation.

Cost Effective Consultancy

We utilise our specialist skills and in depth knowledge ensuring that we provide you with the right solution saving you valuable time and money and resources. We help clients tackle their toughest business challenges with innovative, balanced and measurable solutions.

Identifying Pain Points

BlueCloud Consultants work closely with executives to understand and address the critical issues and their pain points. We ask the hard questions: What are your sales people doing? Do you have complete visibility? Does the business have a poor operational structure?

Strategy & Transformation

BlueCloud Consultants offer services oriented towards the design and launching of new strategies and transformation plans to build winning realities: By combining sector and functional capabilities, BlueCloud Consultants can develop a multi-dimensional framework that allows the client to draw up, build and reach their goals and objectives.

Technological Solutions

BlueCloud has a wealth of knowledge and the network to tap into the vast resources required that help develop, deploy and maintain the systems and software delivering a total 360 technological solution for businesses. Our team specialise technology planned, built, & delivered to solve the problem the first time.

Marginal Gains

In the world of elite sport, the phrase 'marginal gains' has become commonplace. It's a world where the difference between first and second and winning or losing. Our team help you realise the consequences of not evolving and improving means that you quickly get left behind.

Using technology to give our clients a leading edge over their competitors, whilst still having overall control. Our mission: To develop long standing relationships, and to establish robust processes within the whole customer lifecycle.

About Us

BlueCloud Consultants support companies to achieve high-impact results. Our proven experience and expertise in improving business performance across all customer touch-points enable our clients to leverage their customer database delivering new revenue streams improving profitability and reducing costs.

BlueCloud Consultants work closely with executives to understand and address the critical issues they face. We ask the hard questions, gather and analyse the most relevant information, and develop innovative strategies that create value.

Our ability to effectively address our clients' most important business issues has paid off: more than 90% of our engagements come from repeat clients or referrals. Our clients come back to BlueCloud Consultants because they know we offer clarity, strategic insight, direction and confidence as we devise practical solutions to their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Our Skills

We understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face in the real world because we have honed our own skills in the real world.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Management Systems CRM:CXM:ERP:BI
  • Call Centre Management
  • Energy
  • Finance and Investment
  • Distressed Situations
  • Research and Development
  • Design Print and Branding

Bringing certainty to the Sales Process Bluecloud CRM

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